A HOMEMAKER has revealed the lengths she will go to for an “eclectic” home.

Avid crafter Carmen Croxall, who has been known to create spectacular designs outside her house, recently turned her attention to her kitchen.

She jazzed up the cooking space with a window blind made out of Wotsit wrappers and sticking pieces of fake fruit around the room. 

The 35-year-old regularly transforms her rented home with outlandish designs, even turning it into a gingerbread house at Christmas. 

For Valentine’s Day, she created a 17 foot cascade tower of Love Heart sweets.

For the DIY window blind, the mum-of-two purchased a reel of old – but unused – crisp packets from a scrapstore near her home in Exeter, Devon.  

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Carmen then purchased fake fruit from a second hand shop to turn into magnets that she could stick on white goods.

Her boiler now looks like the world’s most advanced fruit tree. 

To match the one-of-a-kind decorations are lime green walls and pink countertops.

Carmen shared the transformation on Tik Tok in a video that has totted up almost 50,000 views and 8,333 likes.

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The eccentric kitchen proved to be like Marmite for viewers – they either loved it or hated it.

One fan commented: “It’s mad but I love people doing unique stuff.”

Another quipped: “I love the uniqueness. 

“We’ve become too used to fitting in and following what everyone else is doing.”

Others called the blind “genius” and “so tacky but in a good way”.

One viewer pointed out: “Foil packaging will keep your kitchen cool in the summer as well.”

However, some didn’t understand the vibrant kitchen design.

One critic commented: “I don’t get it.

“Is it meant to be funny?”

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Other parts of her kitchen include a donut-style cupboard with a pink background and sprinkles, as well as a yellow and white fridge.

The unique room also sports a pink microwave and a number of wacky ornaments, such as Rugrats biscuit tins and X-rated magnets.

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