A LARGE-BREASTED woman has bemoaned all the unwelcome attention she gets because of her generous assets.

She said she was weary of the stares and the rude comments she has had to put up with on account of her naturally big boobs.

But many people in the comments section felt she should be proud of them.

They said she shouldn't hide them away.

Alissa's (@alissa_lil_d) boob post generated a lot of interest.

At the last count, it had attracted over 16,000 likes.

In her video, she appeared wearing a pink shoestring top.

Her long blonde hair tumbled over her plunging cleavage.

“Me: having naturally big boobs," she captioned her post.

“My life be like ha ha.”

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She then listed some of the attention she got.

“Aww you poor thing, your back must hurt," was a typical comment she's had to put up with.

Even more, were flat-chested women demanding that she give them some.

Then there was this tiresome observation: “Nice t*ts ma.”

Finally, the looks she attracted on account of her chest size were something she had learned to expect.

“Them random men,” staring, she said.

Comments to her post liked what they saw, however.

“Nothing better than natural," said one.

“They’re awesome. Be proud," was the view of another.

Finally, a guy just wanted to compliment her: “You’re gorgeous,” he said.

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