A FATHER of two teen girls has been forced to defend their homecoming dresses after trolls began leaving negative comments on a picture he posted.

Matt Austin was flooded with comments after he shared a picture of his daughters Addison, 17, and Olivia, 14, on their way to their first high school homecoming together.

"My daughters look a little too good on homecoming night," he wrote on the October 8 Faebook post. "Believe it or not, they’re even more beautiful on the inside."

While many commenters left nice messages, others slammed the father's post.

One comment read: "I do not understand how a parent could be comfortable with their daughter’s crotches on display should they bend over or sit."

Another commenter wrote:  "Sorry my daughters would never leave the house looking for sale."

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Austin, who works as a news anchor in Florida, told TODAY he was left "fuming" by the comments and decided to take to TikTok to issue a response, which he dedicated to the "Karens."

“Let’s get something crystal clear now, it’s not my daughter’s job to make sure your son is focused in school," he said on the TikTok. "It’s also not her job for her to dress hideous enough to where your son doesn’t assault her.”

The father-of-three added: “You know what would really disappoint me? If my girls grew up to be the kind of adult who goes on social media and demeans a teen’s appearance on her father’s Facebook page. Now, that’s what I call trashy."

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Austin clarified that if it were up to him, "it would be 24-7 Snuggies."

However, he emphasized it's not up to him to decide what his daughters wear.

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He concluded: "If I start dictating what my daughters wear, I'm going to teach them three things.

"They'll start to hate me for arbitrary rules, they'll start to lie to me or, maybe even worse, that it's OK for a man to tell them what to wear because they look too good."

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