A MAN with zero construction and DIY project experience has revealed how he managed to build a teeny home on wheels, spending just £6k in the process.

Building a home from scratch is no easy task – but as one DIY newbie, YouTube star David Rule, proved, it's not impossible.

Ever since learning about the so-called 'tiny home movement', David found himself intrigued by life on the road – and soon, after a while of doubting his abilities, he decided to make a portable home.

With a rough idea in mind, the young YouTuber, from the US, set off to work, first nabbing an old trailer base from Facebook Marketplace.

''I had no idea what I was doing. But what I did know was that Bob the Builder had nothing on me,'' he chuckled in the video.

After completing the base with a thick foam his pal had given him, David ensured the flooring would be insulated and warm.

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''Over the top, I added particle board underlayment, which would later be covered by a layer of plywood.''

The new DIY enthusiast added: ''I'm not too sure what underlayment is but an old guy down the street told me it's important – so we're rolling with it.''

Meanwhile, the walls, made of a wooden frame, were constructed on the driveway – and then carried over to the trailer.

''I'm pretty sure I broke my back lifting these things…''

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Although David had a general idea of what the end project would look like, he admitted that for the most part he was just hoping for the best and not really measuring things with great care.

''Yeah, that seems like a good height for a window. Yeah, let's put the door back there,'' the YouTuber joked.


Once the ''skeleton'' part had been completed, it was time to fill it with ''meat'', the total process of which took him three days.

During this part, David also created the loft where he had imagined he would sleep, using one inch thick plywood.

''I had to do a lot of trigonometry to figure out the angles for the boards up top, so good thing I was a nerd in high school,'' he joked.

By the time the YouTuber had started working on the roof, David felt a new booze of confidence, admitting he didn't think he'd get this far.

After ensuring the tiny home was made waterproof and installing the windows – with the help of numerous tutorials online – the young bloke moved onto the metal siding.

''Not only was I learning a new set of skills every day but time spent working became very calming and therapeutic,'' David reflected on how the project helped his mental health.

''I think just building a tiny home could have huge positive impact on anyone – you should try it out.''

Finally, after a long summer of work, David's portable home was ready to hit the road and the DIY fanatic was all chuffed with the outcome.

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''It looks better than I would ever have imagined […]. This thing was smooth sailing.

''It was about as aerodynamic as a potato – but it was pulling just fine and I was stoked out of my mind.''

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