A MUM-to-be diagnosed with cancer in her right leg had it amputated to save her unborn baby.

Kathleen Osborne, 28, learned she was pregnant for a third time when a scan revealed a tumour in the limb — and a mass in her pelvis.

Doctors said she could terminate to allow for chemo, or lose the leg.

She had it amputated at four months and Aida-May was born eight weeks early in March.

Kathleen, who had cancer twice before, said: “I’m happy with the decision.

"I wanted a sister for my two older boys.”

Sadly, a fourth cancer on her lungs, found mid-pregnancy, is inoperable.

Kathleen, of Wisbech, Cambs, said: “I could have months left or years. My focus now is making memories with my kids.

"It's just them, I don't really care about my dreams any more.

"As long as they have memories with me and they have as much fun with me as possible over however long we've got, then I'm happy.

"I can go then, as long as they're happy."

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