AN Influencer has embraced how she has changed over the years in a recent glow-up video posted to her YouTube channel.

The 19-year-old University of Mississippi student regularly shares videos of her daily life, from hanging out with friends to showing off the latest dance trend.

After gaining more than 4million followers on TikTok, Ansley Spinks decided to begin documenting her life on YouTube as well.

A quick clip posted back in December shows segments of the teenager's life over the years.

Back in 2014, Spinks could be seen dancing with a carefree attitude in baggy pajamas and light-up sneakers.

Over the next couple of years, she showed off her brace-filled smile.

But by 2020, she started to look a bit different.

Spinks traded the braces in for a straight smile and began applying some bright lipstick and more makeup to her face.

Her fashion style also changed dramatically, as she started layering different jewelry and accessorizing.

Many of the influencer's subscribers commented on her metamorphosis.

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While many suggested that her look completely transformed, others thought that she was beautiful from the beginning.

"I’m sorry? Glow up who? The pic of you in 2017 looks absolutely stunning Ansley! All of them do," one person wrote.

Another Youtuber suggested that many people tend to 'glow-up' around the same time.

"I swear everyone hit their glow-up stage in either 2020 or 2021," they wrote.

Quite a few social media users inquired into where she found the rocking, glow-up shoes from 2014.

"Everyone: wow she had a glow up !! Me: I love her shoes when she was a kid," one person admitted.

The influencer is yet to provide the details on where her blast-from-the-past footwear came from.

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