ONE single woman has shed 65 pounds and her toxic ex-boyfriend post-breakup.

After he called her "fat," she focused on herself and improving her career.

Carmen Teresa (@carmenteresa5) posted a video to detail her transformation following her relationship split.

She hid her face from the camera, not wanting to reveal her new look.

All that was visible were her dainty silver necklaces, her chest, and the edge of her low-cut burnt orange shirt.

"My ex called me 'fat,'" Carmen admitted. "But… I dumped him and lost 65 pounds."

She switched the video to show pictures of herself before she lost weight when she was in a relationship.

Carmen started with a close-up photo next to two of her girlfriends.

Her face was zoomed in on, highlighting her big smile and thin eyebrows.

She showed a full-body picture next. Carmen wore a mini black and white dress.

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Finally, Carmen unveiled an old photo of her hugging a woman next to her with a tiara on her head.

The slide changed to expose her body transformation. She stood in the middle of the gym, holding weights.

Her body was fit and toned. It was evident she had lost weight as the new pictures came in.

Carmen's waist had gotten smaller, forming an hourglass figure.

But she didn't just work on her physical features. The confident woman put more time into her career as well.

In a different video, Carmen went into more detail about her life post-break-up.

"Focused on healing and my career for 16 months. Ended 2019 as top producer," she admitted.

"I finally believed in myself. Biggest flex was doing it for myself. I became consistent with relationships and my career."

Carmen emphasized how self-love was more important than any other kind.

Inspired viewers commented to tell Carmen how much they admired and appreciated her story.

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"You inspired me to focus on myself and work hard for the future," a thankful fan wrote.

An honest woman remarked: "Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am lost, trying to find myself, and I've also had bad relationships. But not after watching this."

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