AN AVID DIY enthusiast has given short shrift to an enormous quote for a privacy fence and did the job herself.

She and her work buddy decided $20,000 was an outrageous sum and way outside their budget, so these 'sisters' opted to do it themselves.

In the process, they proved without a doubt that women could beat guys at their own game in the DIY stakes.

By the time Two Trailer Park Girls (@twotrailerparkgirls_) had finished, they had erected over 100 feet of fencing reaching eight feet in height.

But these ladies are no strangers to DIY or renovation projects.

They have ambitious plans and they are going to have to pull on their DIY knowledge to bring them to fruition.

Over 26,000 fans and another 179,000 likes on their TikTok have followed them as they pursue their dream.

“Just two girls saving vintage trailers and opening a trailer park,” they said.

In this post, they explained why they decided to have a go at putting up their own boundary.

“We got quoted $20,000 to have a fence built on our lot. So we decided to do it ourselves," they said confidently. “Just two women building a fence.”

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Their efforts, and the end result, were applauded in the comments section to their post, with one fan moved to say: “Awesome job ladies.”

First, they explained their method: “We used these metal poles instead of wooden ones to prevent them from rotting in the ground.

“Using a string line and a level install the poles in concrete. Once the concrete has set, install three cross supports about two feet apart.

“Throw post cap on top to keep the water out of the pole. And there you have it."

They did all the work and finished off with a fence they could be proud of for less than half the cost they were originally quoted.

“Building this fence ourselves cost about $7.500, which included lumbar, concrete, poles, caps, brackets, screws, nails, and other miscellaneous tools," they said.

Their post attracted a lot of interest with over 65,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Many commenters were professional fencing contractors, and they were full of admiration for their work.

“I’m a fence contractor and it looks like you did a great job," was the view of one guy.

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It was a similar reaction from another: “I build a lot of fences and y’all did a great job.”

In the closing remark, there were even more accolades: “Amazing, that’s a solid job and will last decades.”

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