AS any tattoo fan will know, having an inking requires an area of skin that is hair-free.

But one man was left fuming after having his forearm shaved ahead of a new tattoo, only to find that the lack of hair made him resemble an alpaca.

Dakota Weik took to TikTok to bemoan his situation, explaining in a video on the social media site: "The worst part of getting a tattoo is that they have to shave the section that they’re tattooing.

"So now, for the next two weeks, my arm looks like a f**king alpaca leg."

"This looks so dumb lmfao," he wrote over the video, which he captioned, "Emperors new arm".

Viewers were quick to mock Dakota's new look, with one writing in the comments section: "A dogs leg after going to the vet and needing surgery."

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"This is so funny," another added.

"Nothing could have prepared me for how it looked. I'd shave it all lol!"

"I thought 'nah can't be that bad' I was not ready," someone else laughed.

While another wrote: "The sound of the HAH! that just came out of me was something else."

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Someone else had a suggestion for Dakota, writing: "Well I mean you could always shave both arms and make it even through summer and grow it all back for winter keep ya warm."

And another person had a similar situation to Dakota and explained: "My hair never really grew back on some of my tattoos.

"It left a nearly perfect bald square.

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"Will you even see the tattoo once the hair grows back?" someone else asked.

To which Dakota replied: "I think a decision was meant to be made today and I’m a bald man moving forward."

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