TATTOOS are very personal, with people opting to have all sorts of things inked on their bodies.

But one woman was left musing how to explain her new etching to her mum, after going for an extremely rude design on her right arm.

Joanna took to TikTok as she shared a video in which she wrote: "Currently on the train trying to work out how to explain this tattoo I got done last night."

She then showed off the inking – the words "Dilf tamer" on her forearm.

DILF is a slang acronym which means Dad I'd like to f**k, and refers to a sexually attractive older man.

But Joanna had a clever plan to convince her mum her new tattoo meant something else.

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"Gonna tell my mum it’s Latin for love yourself," she added in the caption of the video.

In a pinned comment on the TikTok video, Joanna wrote: "Update: my mum now thinks it means love yourself in Latin.

"no regrets. just vibes."

"It’s pronounced deelf Tarma it’s latin for self love," someone commented, to which Joanna replied: "That's what I told her!"

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"My next tattoo sorted," someone else wrote.

While another added: "Iconic!"

"You are the funniest person I know," another comment read.

To which Joanna replied: "funniest or most in need of psychiatric evaluation? line is looking for kinda thin right now."

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