OVER the last few years, an increasing number of ink enthusiasts have been turning to "stick and poke" tattoos.

The controversial tattoo trend involves using a pin, normally a sewing needle, to physically poke ink into your own skin, creating small tattoos for a fraction of the cost of a professional job.

But while most will gradually fade over a few years, one mum, who is from the US, has expressed her horror after being left with a smiley face almost six years later.

Taking to TikTok, Laney, who is from the US, shared a short story where she explains: "Me at 16 getting a stick and poke that will only last two years…"

Six years later as a mum with a trashy little tattoo that still hasn't gone away."

In a second clip, she shares a glimpse of her tattoo with her followers, revealing that it's positioned on her bum and can be clearly seen whenever she wears a swimming costume.


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And it wasn't long before social media users took to the comments section to discuss the tattoo fail.

"You're making the same face as the tattoo," one person quipped.

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A second joked: "I’m crying this is hilarious."

A third noted: "I don’t understand why anyone can be convinced a tattoo isn’t permanent."

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"All tattoos used to be stick & poke, they’ve always been permanent."

Meanwhile, others who have found themselves in a similar situation sympathised with Laney and shared their stories.

"Girl I have the same one on my hand! Wasn’t my best decision haha," admitted one.

A second commented: "ME TOO. I was 17. The girl told me it would go away in less than a year. It hasn’t even faded."

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Another penned: "Happy we both have made this mistake."

And a further added: "I have 7 stick and pokes, can't wait."

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