A WOMAN had a total glow-up after ditching the natural look and going for something more fierce.

Jordan Nicole took to social media to show off her new and improved version of herself.

In the clip, she shared the four ways she managed to completely transform her look and level up.

In the first clip, Jordan had light brown hair, barely-there make-up and wore an oversized hoodie.

"Wondering what I would look like with black hair, more tattoos, lip filler and a good tan," she wrote.

And it seemed the brunette beauty decided to go through with all four steps and it certainly paid off.


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In the next clip, Jordan showed off her new look with sleek black hair, winged liner, and a juicy pout from her lip filler.

Her skin was glowing from her fake tan as well.

"Definitely the move," she captioned the post.

And it seemed most people agreed with many claiming she now looked like Katy Perry.

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In another clip, Jordan showed off her tattoos as per a follower's request with her legs covered in black and grey etchings.

Wearing a baggy Jack Daniels T-shirt and tight black shorts she revealed she was now obsessed with tattoos.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @jordxn.nicole has since gone viral with over one million views and over 80k likes.

People in the comments were quick to praise her glow up, one wrote: "Katy Perry is that you."

Another commented: "You look absolutely beautiful omg black hair SUITS you sm."

"Usually, I say don’t change, but… DAMN," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "No seriously it’s the move. If you’re thinking about it, DO IT!!!"

"This is everything,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "Oooffff that’s the definition of villain era."

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