A RECENTLY remarried father has landed himself in some hot water with one of his daughters. 

The father gave his new stepchild his older daughter’s room since she moved out of the house for college – but now the daughter is super angry and her dad is feeling guilty.

“My new wife and I have our own modern-day Brady Bunch – I have four children of my own and she had three,” the dad stated in an anonymous post to Reddit.

“Before she moved in and even before we got married, I promised her and her kids a lot of things, one of those being a much better home to live in. 

“I promised her kids they would each get their own rooms, something they've never had before.”

However, once the time came for the new wife and kids to move in, the poster realized he didn’t actually have enough room for each child.

“My two kids with me still were willing to bunk up for at least one more year (my daughter here is a senior so she won't be home longer) and all I needed to do was get the clearance to give my oldest kids rooms to my stepkids who actually need the space,” he explained.

The dad noted that he got clearance from his son, but had a hard time getting in contact with his daughter about the situation.

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“I knew she was doing this all on purpose – not to delve too much into the details but her and my wife don't get along – by proxy she's turned on me,” he claimed.

“At a certain point I was getting too anxious at the idea of disappointing my new stepchildren, so I just went ahead and cleared both rooms for the kids – giving my older daughter's room to one of my wife's girls.”

The dad mentioned his older daughter didn’t come home for months, as she chose to spend time with her boyfriend for the holidays rather than him and her new siblings, so the room was never brought up.

Then, the daughter asked about something in her room one day, and the father had no choice but to share with her that she no longer has a room at his house and he cleared everything out.

“The girl proceeded to scream and insult me,” the dad recalled.

“I told her how I tried to reach her during the transition and how technically since she's been at school it isn't her space anymore.

“That's when she threw insults at my wife, which was crossing a major line from my point of view.”

He continued: “Essentially it pushed me too far as well; I told her regardless of how she feels about my wife and her family, she's been no better [be]cause for me she's just been a miserable brat ever since my wife came into our lives.”

The dad claimed he wants to understand what his daughter’s issue is, but he also has a new family to worry about and can’t always put his kids first in line.

He concluded his post by admitting he might not have handled the situation responsibly.

Redditors certainly agreed, as the more than 3,000 comments left under the post largely sided with the daughter.

“New kids don’t trump old kids,” one person wrote.

“Transitions need to be managed. 

“Why exactly are you promising your stepkids things that take away from your children? What is wrong with you?”

“I'm confused as to why he cleared out his daughter's room, but apparently didn't keep anything,” a second reader added.

“What did he think was going to happen when she found out all her stuff was gone?

“Dude straight shot himself in the foot.”

“You made a commitment to your children the day they were born that you would put them first. 

“Live up to it,” another slammed.

Blending two families isn’t easy, especially when they have so many moving parts.

Perhaps, the father can take a lesson from a couple who moved into a house together with their kids, but live on separate floors.

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