THERE’S nothing worse than knowing exactly what you want, but being unable to find it in the shops. 

This was the case for one fashion fan, who was struggling to find the perfect pair of work-friendly trousers. 

Luckily, her mum suggested they look in Marks & Spencer – and she can’t believe what she found. 

TikTokker @_nxxs, regularly shares lifestyle content with her 472 followers. 

In a recent video, the content creator shares her latest find – M&S’ Drawstring Tapered Ankle Grazer Trousers, priced at just £25. 

Now the savvy shopper has vowed never to overlook Marks and Spencer’s fashion department again after discovering the flattering trousers. 


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“Right, so at the beginning of every academic year, I’m a teacher, I think, ‘right, I’m going to get some trousers, find the perfect pair of trousers’ but that never happens. 

“Normally I’d go on PrettyLittleThing, that’s my go-to, type in workwear, and then the stuff that comes up for trousers are like wide-leg, split hem, lace up. 

“Like they're beautiful trousers, like if you were working in an office, but they’re not practical for a school. 

“So I thought, everyone raves on about Shein, and I’ve ordered from Shein once, and it was a bit hit and miss. Like there was nothing I actually liked. 

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“So I thought let me just take that as a fluke, and let’s just order something else. I did and I’m telling you, everything that came was perfect, except for the trousers. 

“So I’ve got all these beautiful blouses, and no trousers to wear with them.” 

During the two-and-a-half-minute video, the savvy shopper shares that after looking in her local Next and New Look, her mum suggested she try M&S – and she was stunned by what she found. 

“Now M&S, I’ve never personally shopped at or thought that this is the place I’m going to find some trousers. 

“I always thought M&S, foodhall, we get our food from there. 

“But when I tell you, I have found the trousers. They are perfect and let me show you them. 

“So these are the trousers I got. I got them in black and I got them in grey. 

“They are an eight regular, tapered ankle grazer. So like I don’t like my trousers too long, I like them on the ankles because I like to wear different types of shoes with them – heels, loafers, trainers, whatever. 

“They are £25. So let me try them on and show you how amazing they are.” 

The M&S fan pairs the trousers with a Shein black and white blouse in a bid to show her followers how flattering they are. 

“Can I just say, these trousers have got pockets. Now I love pockets as a teacher, picking up loads of things, and I like to keep a pen in my pocket for whenever I need it. 

“It’s got a drawstring and elasticated waist. Now I’m not into buttons, hooks, or zips, they’re just uncomfortable. 

“When I’m at work, I just want to be comfortable. 

“So I really think these trousers – we’re missing a beat by not going to M&S people. 

“Like get down there, get these trousers.”

Fans loved the TikTokker’s bargain finds, with the video gaining more than 2,176 likes and 116,000 views. 

In the comments, her followers shared their love for trousers, with one writing: “I have them in 5 different colours I love them.” 

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Another said: “I'm a trainee and swear by my M&S trousers and their jeans too! Got a lush leather jacket in the sale too.”

A third added: “Allllllwayyyys get mine from M&S, I’m 5ft3 and the short length is perfect! Haven’t seen the grey before so I neeeed to get them!!”

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