WHEN people don’t know how to clean or fix an item in their homes, they tend to throw it out or take it to a recycling centre. 

But the saying is true: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And that’s exactly the view one woman took on when she noticed an abandoned sofa out on the street. 

Known as @yafavv.mandaa on social media, the woman shared a clip of herself dressed in cargo trousers with a yellow jumper and a gilet on top as she looked down in bewilderment at a bright blue couch on the pavement. 

Recalling her story, she told viewers: “It was pouring down raining and I was walking home when I saw this house in the middle of the street.” 

She then shared her phone screen, where she found the sofa online. The original price for the sofa was $9,510 (£7,646) but had been discounted to $7,985 (£6,420). 

“I called my dad, begging him to come pick it up because I couldn’t just leave that couch there,” she continued, adding that her dad initially refused. 


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Caving, she then shared a clip of her dad taking blankets off the couch. 

The woman explained that her father had surprised her by taking it to his office, where they quickly got to work in restoring it to look brand new. 

She went on: “The couch was really dirty, so we had to clean it. So we got all the things we needed to clean it: some soap, water, a vacuum…” 

The TikTok user then showed her sister using a water vacuum on the top of the couch.

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Showing the end result of their hard labour in cleaning the couch, she said they had to let it dry for a few days. 

Her boyfriend and her dad then worked together to move the couch into her apartment.

The woman then showed off the white square couch she had in her living room before replacing it with the new blue one she restored. 

“This is the couch that I had before and then this is the after, the couch in its full glory looking really nice and fit perfectly in my apartment,” she added as the video came to an end. 

People flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the incredible find as one person wrote: “Nah take it to a proper cleaner, I don’t trust that,” one person said. 

Another shared: “It’s so cool but I’d be petrified of what kind of insects & such have penetrated it”. 

A third warned: “I did that once and got a roach infestation”. 

While a fourth added: “Yeah I can’t. Just think what bugs it might have”. 

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