A WOMAN who used to have an addiction to online shopping has revealed how you can curb your spending habits. 

Thea Wayne was once earning more than £80k a year but drowning in thousands of pounds worth of debt. 

And one her biggest issues was online shopping.

The 30-year-old has now shared how she manages her digital shopping carts to stop her from going broke again.

Interestingly, her money saving hack still requires you to fill your online baskets with stuff you don’t need. 

“One thing that really helped me stop spending beyond my means is still putting s**t in my cart,” Thea explained on Instagram.

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“My Amazon cart, my shopping cart for clothes, like, get that in there.

“But there’s something about getting a good night’s sleep and then going back and looking at it the next day that makes the shift.

“Because then it’s not all about the dopamine.” 

According to Psychology Today, research shows that the brain releases dopamine in anticipation of a reward. 

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Shopping online creates anticipation because you have to wait for the purchase.

“The dopamine comes from throwing everything in the cart and then buying it like, ‘hope I figure out the rest later’ when it comes to money,” Thea continued. 

“Put it in the cart, have your fun, look at the cart the next day, take out what you don’t need, try to cut the cart cost or order in half and go from there.”

When her shopping addiction as at its worst, Thea, from Texas, US, viewed money as infinite.

Since healing her relationship with money, she has found ways to manage the dopamine rush off splurging. 

She now wants to show other women that it’s never too late to reclaim control of your finances

Thea's online community, the Money Healing Club, has helped hundreds of women since its inception a few months ago.

She also hosts workshops and shares tips, as well as personal anecdotes, on social media.

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