HAVING been told she was infertile, Lucy Carr, 27, didn’t think about using condoms with new partner James Cross, 26. 

“I’d previously tried for a baby for five years and didn’t fall pregnant so didn’t really worry about it,” she said. “But then, very quickly after meeting on Tinder in June 2019, I got pregnant.”

Sadly full-time mum Lucy, who had suffered gynaecological problems since her teens, miscarried. 

However, the couple decided they did want a baby and just months later Lucy was pregnant with Felicity, now one. 

“She arrived at Birmingham Women’s Hospital in September 2020,” her mum said. “It was a pandemic pregnancy but things went well. She weighed 7lb 4oz and was healthy.”

Delighted, the couple got to grips with being new parents and eight weeks later had sex again.

“The condom broke but we weren’t stressed,” Lucy said. “I had tried for a baby for five years and it took us three months to conceive Felicity. Plus I had been breastfeeding.”


But by Christmas 2020 her periods still hadn’t returned – so she took a pregnancy test and discovered not only was she expecting, she was nine weeks gone.

“We were shocked,” she said. “I took the test to reassure James, who is a civil engineer, it was normal that my period had not returned since I stopped breastfeeding Felicity at six weeks old. 

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“Well you can imagine the shock when it came back positive, and even more of a shock when we tracked back to when the birth control we were using, failed – meant I was already nine weeks pregnant.”

The pregnancy started well but come the second trimester, after finding out they were having a girl, things went wrong.

“In April 2021, our excitement turned to panic when my waters broke at 25 weeks pregnant,” Lucy said. 

“I was admitted to hospital, and away from Felicity for 10 nights in a row – it was awful. 

“I had to be kept in to monitor for infection and because I kept bleeding. 

“After the 10 days I was allowed home, but I’d caught Covid in the hospital. It meant if my baby was born within my isolation period, I wouldn't have been able to see her until my isolation was over. 

“Luckily I made it out of isolation with her still inside. My waters broke every day for three weeks. It was horrible. I went to the hospital at 28 and four days for a  drip as my iron levels were low, and routine checks”

We buy 306 nappies a month. I don't breastfeed anymore, Willow was too premature so I exclusively expressed for her until she was 10 weeks old.

While there, Lucy’s placenta started to detach – resulting in placental abruption and an emergency c-section.

Willow was born at 28 weeks and five days in May weighing 2lbs 7oz – leaving just eight months and five days between her and her big sister. 

The girls will be in the same year at school and while their different sizes means people don’t currently mistake them for twins, their mum thinks they might in the future.

“Willow had a seven week neonatal intensive care stay before joining us at home,” her mum said. 

“They are now 16 months and eight months old and they are without a doubt each other's favourite person. 

“Felicity really loves helping out with her sister. I think it helps that we got her a dolly when she was six months old to try and prepare her for her sister's arrival. Willow gives the best smiles to her big sister and is always watching her closely.”

But Lucy admitted it wasn’t always easy.

“Life with two kids so close in age, is chaotic,” she said. “I can't even answer the door to the postman without having to take one of them with me because Felicity will climb on top of Willow at any given opportunity. 

“They also like to have a competition to see who can scream the loudest, I'm not sure Willow really knows what's going on but Felicity loves it. Willow has recently started weaning, so Felicity now thinks she has put everything in Willow's mouth, from socks to cat toys. 

“If the house is quiet, then I feel uneasy – I've gotten so used to constant noise and being on the go, that I actually don't like it when everyone's in bed and I get to sit down and have some peace and quiet.

"We buy 306 nappies a month. I don't breastfeed anymore, Willow was too premature so I exclusively expressed for her until she was 10 weeks old. I had to express every two hours for 30 minutes each time, even during the night – all with Felicity being between eight and 10.5 months at the time.

"Luckily Felicity sleeps really well, but we can't be that lucky twice. Willow wakes me up so that I get to see every hour during the night.

"It definitely had an impact on my body, mentally and physically. Back-to-back pregnancies are draining and I became very anemic.

"I also went from a size 12 to a size 16 but I'm not stressing too much about getting back to my pre-pregnancy body so I have accepted that this is my new body for a while.

“But I am dreading the cost in the future – two school uniforms and two teenage girls fighting.”

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