CHOOSING a name for a child is a decision that all parents have to face and some will make the choice easier than others.

For many people, deciding on a moniker for their little one can be a huge challenge.

One woman, a mum-of-four named Emilee Kay revealed that by the time she gave birth to her fourth child, she had run out of names.

Known on TikTok as ‘hotmess.momma.of.4’, Emilee explained that she couldn’t decide on a name for her new little girl and felt pressured to come to a decision.

Emilee, who has 53.9k followers and 1.1million likes on the app, shared that she decided to let her husband choose her daughter’s name, but four months later, they really regretted the name.

The social media mum took to the video sharing platform to reveal her baby name regret, as she uploaded her clip with the caption ‘It will be a funny story for her to tell when she's older, right’.

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Emilee made her video, responding to a video by Gabby Lamby that read: “I have a question for parents, do you ever regret what you named your kid?”

Emilee said: “Well, since you ask, I actually do, or did.

“We have four kids, naming kids, each one, got harder and harder.

“By the fourth kid, we were all out of names.

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“When I was pregnant, we didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl, so we tossed around names for the entire pregnancy and then she popped out a girl.

“Thank God she was a girl because we literally had zero boy names.

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“But anyway, she came out a girl, we had been talking about names the whole pregnancy, two hours after she was born, the birth certificate, knock, knock, knock,  do you have a name?

“Not yet, an hour later – do you have a name? You can’t go home in 24 hours if you don’t have a name. 

“So I was frustrated, didn't have a name so I let my husband name her.

“He named her Millie.

“At four months old, I looked at him and said ‘I hate her name’, he said ‘me too’.

“I said ‘why didn’t we name her Mabel?’, so at four months old, we changed her name from Millie Kay, to Mabel Kay”. 


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Emilee’s video has clearly made many people chuckle, as it has quickly racked up 80.2k views.

It has 5,324 likes, 113 comments and 37 shares.

Many parents took to the comments to reveal that they love both names. 

One person said: “I love these stories so much Mabel is so cute!” 

Another added: “We went 2 days without a name lol.. but boy, does the hospital bother you on naming (4th was hardest)” to which Emilee said “Right!!! They are obnoxious about it!!!” 

A third commented: “I love the name Millie it was on my list”, to which Emilee responded “It just didn’t fit her”. 

Meanwhile, many others shared their name stories.

One person confirmed: “My second daughter's name was Tatum Rose for about 2 days then got changed to Ava Grace”.

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A second user posted: “My Ellie was supposed to be Ivy but I took one look at her when she was born and said nope she’s not an Ivy”.

Someone else revealed: “Omg, same. I changed my daughter's name when she was three months old”.

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