A WOMAN who flew to Turkey to have fox eye surgery was left terrified her face wouldn't calm down when she emerged from the operating room.

Danielle decided to get the operation as she approached her 40th birthday with "sagging" eyelids.

"I just wasn’t happy," she explained in a video on her TikTok page.

"I’d put weight on and I just needed a change. So I went to Istanbul.

"Got picked up from the airport, went straight for some blood tests, and then a day later I was there, at the hospital, but wasn’t prepared for this."

She then showed how she looked after the operation – with an incredibly puffy face, bandages and eyes so swollen she couldn't see for "24 hours".

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"It was awful," she sighed.

"My eyes were very very slanted, my eyebrows were super slanted, and I just thought, ‘It’s never going to calm down’.

"Two weeks later it started dropping, but it was still very tight."

Danielle continued to share pictures of herself as the time progressed following the operation, with the eyes becoming less tight week after week.

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"And this is now, I’m in love," she said, as she showed a picture of herself looking stunning in a sequinned silver dress.

People were quick to comment on the video, with the majority insisting Danielle's results were definitely worth the rough healing process.

"Fabulous job – you truly look gorgeous," one wrote.

"Nailed it," another added.

And a third commented: "Looks amazing, would love this done."

"Ok honestly fox eye surgery usually looks blatantly obvious but it actually looks really great and natural on you!" someone else said.

"I'd regret it the entire healing process," another person wrote.

"Looks great in the end."

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