A BOOTS shopper has revealed how she spotted you could get a free Britney Spears perfume after buying a fake tan moisturiser – and opted to get 50.

She shared screenshots of her purchase, which saw her pay £27 after student discount, for £1,600 worth of products. 

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she wrote: “Boots ….Free Britney spears Perfume.”

According to her screenshots, she would only have paid £27 and received a £30 Garnier moisturiser, plus the 50 free bottles of the Britney Spears Fantasy & Midnight – which came in a set. 

Although the online Boots platform appeared to accept her order, it has not been confirmed if it was later cancelled.

Her post has sparked outrage from other shoppers, who said it was selfish to order so many.

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One person fumed: “Def ruined it for everyone else. 50 bottles???”

Another added: “50 bottles is so silly, this is why free offers get cancelled and ruined for everyone else.”

A third commented: “Why order 50 that's just ridiculous.”

And a fourth wrote: “Sold out already. 

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“My sister sent me link 30 mins ago and its gone. I wear Btitney all the time too so that wouldve saved me some money haha.”

Meanwhile, some shoppers defended her saying: “Why does everyone care about how many she orders does it affect you it’s perfume get a grip.”

Another said: “Blame the website set up, not the person using their brains. Same for all these anomalies.”

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