A WOMAN who catches cheaters was "shocked" when a married man posed as a widower to try and get intimate with her.

Dani Bose is contacted by suspicious wives to sets up situation to check the loyalty of their husbands, and was asked by one woman to put her 53-year-old husband to the test.

Dani, 21, contacted the man on Whats App under the ruse of being interested in a boat he was selling online.

However, once he saw the Essex-born model's profile picture, he suggested meeting in a pub.

The pair then exchanged a series of flirty messages, during which he told her that his wife had died.

He went on to suggest a meeting in a Premier Inn hotel room, where they could "be intimate".

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Following the exchange, Dani sent the whole thing to his wife and daughter.

“I was pretty shocked at this one," she told the Daily Star.

"The reason I do this is because I see how much it helps girls and saves people from situations they didn’t even know were happening behind their back.

“I personally wouldn’t ask somebody to do it for me and I completely understand why girls want it done and I am happy to help them."

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Dani often shares her tales of catching cheaters on her TikTok page, and was recently asked to test the loyalty of one man who gave his girlfriend his grandmother's ring as a promise that he wouldn't cheat again.

"Hey I have a bit of a different situation," the woman messaged Dani.

"My man cheated on me last week and I took him back. He gave me his great nana’s promise ring to confirm he won’t do it again and it’s just me for life now.

"But something is telling me I shouldn’t trust him. Can you please message him?

"If he isn’t loyal I’m going to leave him for good this time."

Dani then shared the message exchange she had with the man, which began when she told him she'd seen him leaving the pub and thought he was "fit".

Their conversation continued with the man asking about her social media profile, before he shockingly subscribed to her OnlyFans page.

"He subscribed and then sent me a screenshot of it," she said.

After that, he asked her to "bell" him, and dropped his number.

In response, she said that he should bell her – and dropped his girlfriend's number.

"F**k," he wrote.

"So yeah, you well and truly got b**gered," Dani concluded.

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"That was another episode.

"I’d like to find a loyal one soon, It would be really nice and positive."

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