A JEWELRY designer has bought an unusual house that has been vacant for ten years.

She had to completely gut it because it had an odd feature that made it "weep."

This created an inordinate amount of work — far more than your average house makeover.

But this home renovator would not change a thing because this property is unlike any other.

Penelli Belle's (@penellibelle) enthusiasm for the massive undertaking is unmistakable.

She is by day a “designer of unique and custom engagement rings,” and has a TikTok following of over 30,000 plus 131,000 likes.

But it is her property development that has captured the imagination because her new home is, in fact, a cave.

“I bought a house in a cave. It is a historic home that has sat vacant for over ten years," she wrote.

However, this brought with it a host of problems, including its propensity to "weep."

In another project post, she explained this was why it had lain empty for so long.

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“No one else wanted to buy it because it was filled with water damage and mold. [But] I decided to completely gut it and start from scratch."

But the leaking had been addressed, she said: “The cave weeps, so our engineering master has devised a bunch of checks to keep it dry."

Work continued, but her Arkansas home was beginning to emerge from the rock and dust, dampness, and mold.

She had seen the potential and stepped up to the mighty task.

A cozy, restfully-lit, and comfortable home beckoned as she gave viewers an update.

The outside was almost done: “This has all been power washed, so pretty soon I’ll be able to get my rocking chair out there."

Inside, work continued: "All my plants have moved in," she joked.

“The kitchen is almost done. Countertops have been ordered and this is my makeshift countertop for now."

Upstairs new flooring had been laid: "It looks absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy with it," she said.

Commenters were in awe of what she had taken on but also the wonder of living in a rockface.

“I want to live in a cave," dreamed one fan.

“It looks incredible, great progress, can’t wait to see more updates," said another.

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There was more positive endorsement from another person: “It looks really amazing. I’m so happy it’s all coming together. Great job you guys.”

Despite the home's cavernous nature, one more viewer spotted another side to this project: “Such a cozy house. It’s looking so good," they said.

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