FOR most of us, life on the road is just a thought that rarely takes a physical shape.

But for single mum Jaz, from the UK, it's become a reality – one she shares with her tot, converting a massive double decker bus into an off-grid home.

This is not the first time the parent, in her 20s, has decided to ditch the 'traditional route' – more than three years ago, Jaz bought a VW bus to show her ''little man the world''.

Looking back at the journey, Jaz said: ''We travelled, we saw the most amazing sights and we were so lucky to have this time together.

''We lived in this caravan for a bit, met some amazing people.''

However, now the mum and tot duo have upgraded – and the two are now working on transforming an old double-decker Jaz had purchased from a ''lovely guy in Cornwall''.

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She said that he was selling because his partner had passed away and his health wasn't at its best.

''He wanted this project to go to someone who really deserved it and I'm super grateful that he sold it to me,'' the mum opened up on her TikTok page, @jas_in_a_bus.

Before making it her new home, though, Jaz had to go through all the stuff that had been sitting in the vehicle and get rid of ''anything was totally unsalvageable''.

A whopping 12 hours later and two full van loads of metal, wood and other bits, she had finally made it to the back seats – and now, it was time to learn how to drive the enormous vehicle.

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As she came to discover, Jaz was not the most smooth of sailors and said that operating her new motor home wasn't as easy.

The parent gave the bus a little drive around the countryside and then returned home to continue the makeover process.

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The first task, she revealed, was removing all the wheel arches, which involved using an angle grinder to get through the metal.

''It was so much fun. Sparks were flying.''

Once done, the 25-year-old moved onto dealing with the wall cavities, a task that needed her to learn how to use a ''big, scary saw''.

As not every day will be warm, especially when travelling around the country, Jaz also had to ensure the insulation was ready.

''I just shoved insulation into every hole I could find,'' she chuckled.

''I had so much fun cutting walls down to size, I absolutely loved using a jigsaw.''

Although the DIY project is still ongoing, Jaz, who had borrowed money to buy the bus, said she already had a rough idea of the floor plan.

On the right side, she plans to have a kitchen area, where opposite will be a little log burner.

This will be completed with a massive open-plan seating in the very back of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, upstairs, which is currently a dumping ground, the crafty mum is planning to make a ''work from home station'' by the big window.

The top floor is also where she's going to install a shower, as well as a double bedroom with two wardrobes in the end, and a room for her son.

''I am so loving every part of this process – but my God, it's a lot of work.''

The journey has inspired many fans on social media, with one writing: ''Wow! Inspirational lady!

''I wouldn’t even know where to begin! Following your journey with admiration.''

Another added: ''Rooting you on allll the way from Oklahoma! I love your story!

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''Go momma go you are amazing.''

''you're amazing, I love the positivity!!!! you're positive vibes are infectious,'' someone else penned.

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