GARDENING isn't always a cheap hobby, but did you know you can use food scraps to prevent weeds and keep pests at bay?

It's really easy to do, but the best part is it won't cost you a single penny.

The pros from  Garden Buildings Direct told what you can chuck into your garden rather than the bin.

They explained: "Some scraps can deter pests and insects, while others stop weed growth and encourage lush foliage for your plants.

"It can be as simple as saving your pasta water and using it to refresh your favourite plants, or crushing up eggshells and scattering through your flower beds.”


There are a few different ways you can put crushed eggshells to use in your garden.


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They work well as a fertiliser thanks to their high levels of calcium, which is great for your plants.

But if you crush them up and sprinkle them around the base of your plants they can also deter slugs and snails from getting to them.

Orange peels

The smell of orange is known to deter pests, the experts said, so once you're done snacking on the juicy fruit hang on to the peel to scatter around your plants.

They work to keep "pesky fleas, ants, mosquitos and flies at bay," the pros noted.

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Banana peels

“The nutrient can help your plant to fight diseases while producing more fruit or blossoms. Place them directly onto the soil and let them mulch," the gardening experts said.

The peel is especially good for roses and can even help them bloom for longer.

Coffee grounds

If you've got a coffee machine why not hang on to the grounds and use them as a fertiliser in your garden?

The grounds are packed with nutrients plants need, like nitrogen, but can also be used to keep pests away.

Cats are also known to hate the smell of coffee, so it can be good to spread around your flower beds to stop them making a mess too.

Pasta water

Don't pour the water you use to cook pasta, rice and even eggs down the drain – it can be used to water your plants and won't cost you a penny more.

Just wait for it to cool down and use it when you would normally water your plants.

Nut shells

You can crush up nut shells and spread them over the tops of your flower beds to stop weeds from poking through.

Alternatively, you can mix the crushed shells in with your soil to aerate compact soil.

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