A GROOM was shamed for his very casual wedding look after a picture of his outfit was shared on social media.

What makes things even worse is that his bride went all out with her fancy wedding dress.

The picture of the couple on their wedding day was shared in the Facebook group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming after one user spotted the snap when the bride listed the dress for sale.

The groom can be seen stood next to his new wife on the beach wearing navy shorts, a beige shirt which is untucked and no tie.

He paired the shirt and shorts combo with a pair of navy Toms, which might be good for the beach, not not for a beach wedding.

Meanwhile, the bride is wearing a mega glam gown, which the Facebook user claimed sell for £15k.


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The post reads: "Saw this listing on ‘still white’… This is a Berta dress which are like 15k… and this is what the groom is wearing.

"I’d be PISSED if I spent that much on my dress and looked that beautiful and he put in the bare minimum, there were multiple pics, so I know he’s the groom."

Others agreed the groom's casual look was very strange, especially next to the posh bride.

One commented: "Berta was my first choice for a wedding gown until I realized I probably didn’t have the figure for one. How DARE he dress like this next to a Berta."

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And a second agreed: "Cannot think of a scenario where a bride spending THAT much on a dress would be chill with shorts, an untucked mismatched shirt, and toms!!!

"He could’ve done a white linen shirt and khakis if it was a comfort thing."

And a third joked :"Whole wedding budget was spent on the dress."

Another slammed: "Did he know the wedding was happening or was he just going to the beach?"

"Looks like some rando asked to take a pic with her," someone else wrote.

But not everyone hated the casual outfit, and some were more shocked by the price of the bride's gown.

One said: "Just want to shame the fact she spent £15K on a dress for ONE day. I felt so guilty spending £1,200 on my dress."

"£15k for that dress is what I'm shaming," another agreed.

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