PICKING out the perfect flowers to plant in your garden can apparently say a lot about your personality.

Gardening expert, Grant, took to social media to spill all on your favourite plants, and it's bad news if you like Dahlias.

In the clip, Grant revealed that if you love Dahlias it means you are a perfectionist.

"You're an anally retentive perfectionist who only likes one kind of chardonnay."

If Cosmo flowers are more your thing, then the gardening pro claims that your house is probably a mess.

"Zinnias, you have obsessive tendencies," Grant added.


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If you're a sucker for a Hydrangea bush then he revealed you probably have grey flooring, a rather basic interior design choice.

Being a big fan of Geraniums tells Grant you probably don't even exist, "this is no one's favourite flower," he added.

For those who love a bright Marigold, he claimed you were probably a 'solid, B minus student' at school.

For those who love the large green leaves of a Hosta plant, Gran suggested you were pretty basic.

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"You're favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla," the gardening whizz said.

The clip posted to his TikTok account @gardeninggrant quickly went viral with over one million views and people were left in hysterics by his bizarre theories.

"Your favourite flower reveals so much about you. Or it doesn’t. I just made all of these things up," he captioned the post.

But it didn't stop people from asking the gardening expert for more, as they stated their favourite flowers in the hopes he would delve in on what it said about them.

One person wrote: "Ranunculus and Peonies."

Grant replied: "You like the finer things in life and you like to go to art galleries."

Another commented: "You’re right, my house IS a mess."

"Looks at my grey floors….. You don't know me," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Man you’re right I was a solid B- student."


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Someone else added: "I like all those flowers except the last and the assumptions were all right."

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