IF YOU'RE living in a shared apartment block, the last thing you want to do is annoy your neighbours.

So maybe it's not so wise to leave your window wide open – especially when you're getting down and dirty in the bedroom.

One woman had to learn this the hard way after being named and shamed by her furious neighbour who was fed up of hearing her "extremely loud orgasms".

Not knowing where the excessive moans were coming from, they decided to leave an anonymous note pinned to the lift in the apartment building.

Of course that meant everybody in the building could see it, with a fellow resident publicly sharing the awkward note.

They took a photo of the typed message and shared it with Yahoo! Australia.

The note read: "To the woman who has the extremely loud orgasms.

"Whilst we are very happy for you, could you please close your window and maybe consider your neighbours."

The resident hilariously joked alongside their snap: "Good morning apartment living."

Joking with the publication, the resident teased: "At least someone is getting laid and enjoying their time."

And, by the sounds of it, not very discreetly.

They're not the only ones to be given a dressing down by their neighbours, as one man was left mortified when he received a note urging him to have "quieter sex".

They had sent him a friendly reminder that the "walls are thin" and "sound travels", pleading with him to keep it down at night.

The guy shared the note on Twitter and joked: "Not me waking up to a ‘have sex quieter’ note from my neighbours, Mortified.”

Meanwhile, one couple were left shocked when their neighbours recorded them having sex to prove how loud it was.

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