ON A hot summer's day all you want is a nice long, chilled drink – so ice is always a good option with your soft drink order.

However, there may be a key problem you're not taking into account. No – it's not that there are rarely hot summer's days here in the UK – although that is certainly true right now.

It's that, by ordering your drink with ice, you are sacrificing about half of the actual drink!

Don't believe the difference is that dramatic? One staff member at a Dunkin' Donuts took to TikTok to show us the chilling truth.

TikToker Jason uploaded the video with the comment: "Since people wanna see what you get out of a large."

He then poured the large cup of ice and drink into a separate cup but used a spoon to stop the ice from transferring.

The result was a cup that's just half full of liquid and people were shocked.

One commenter said: "That's why I don't ask for ice, it takes up too much space and it waters the drink down."

While another added: "That's why I always say no ice."

A third said: "I always ask for no ice and then just add ice when I get home."

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