A FAKE tan fanatic has shared the secret weapon they swear by to instantly remove layers of streaky colour and the budget buy only costs a fiver.

There's nothing worse than when your tan begins to fade and leaves your skin looking dry and patchy.

Instead of riding out the storm or arming yourself with the fake tan bottle to pile on layers, one woman has revealed the tool she uses to instantly remove the colour from her skin.

TikTok user Bobbi Berkshire shared a video online of her removing her tan with a pumice stone and it instantly scrubbed away her leftover orange hue.

"Calling all girls who fake tan! This has literally changed my life watch till end to see what I used," she captioned the clip that has been watched thousands of times.

In the video, she moves the stone over her wet skin and the tan instantly comes away, leaving her arm both colour and streak free.

She shared where other fake tan fans can snap up the handy tool – revealing it's the NIMXY's Natural Lava Pumice Stone costing £5.47 from Amazon.

A pumice stone is usually used to tackle dry skin on your feet and hands. It can be quite abrasive, with Bobbi warning those who do try out the hack not to scrub too hard with it on their skin as it can cause friction burns.

"I was just scrubbing and scrubbing over the stubborn bits then when I woke up the next day they were sore and burnt," she warned.

Bobbi added: "DO NOT scrub too much you will get friction burn – also this is a 7 day spray tan removed."

People were still keen to try out the tan removing trick for themselves, however, with one person commenting: "I tan all the time basically every week without fail! Thankyou cause I've just gone and ordered some (sic)."

Another said: "Ahhhh I need to get something like this I literally tan all the time and layer it sometimes which means it's so difficult to get off."

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