YOU know us Brits – we moan constantly about the bad weather and when the unbearably hot days do eventually roll around, we just don't know how to cope.

And if you fancy getting some shut-eye during the heatwave, it makes sense to ditch the PJs – right?

Well according to one expert, we might have been taking the WRONG approach all this time – as they claim sleeping naked can actually make you hotter.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Julius Patrick, Lead Sleep Physiologist at Bupa’s Cromwell Hospital, said going to bed without clothes can worsen your sleep quality.

They explained: "When you sleep naked, sweat actually collects on the body and then remains there.

"However hot it is when you drift off, remember your body temperature will drop during the night.

People may be better off sleeping in clothing rather than sleeping naked

"If you’re wearing light clothes to sleep in, it soaks up any sweat you have, which can cool you down."

What's more, Dr Guy Leschziner, consultant neurologist and sleep physician, previously told Radio 4's Today show also claimed that going to bed naked can make you feel hotter.

The expert added: "People may be better off sleeping in clothing rather than sleeping naked.

“If you’re wearing a natural fabric like cotton it acts as a wick for your sweat and it can increase the surface area for the sweat to evaporate, thus may make you feel much cooler."

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