IF THERE'S one place you want to be sparkling clean for guests, it's the bottom of your toilet.

Limescale can build up in the bowl and leave unsightly brown marks.

Flushing and regularly using the scrubbing brush can help you keep on top of build up.

But for when you're really struggling to shift the stains, there are three remedies you can try to get on top of it.


Not just a fizzy drink, cola is an impressive cleaning agent and requires minimal elbow grease.

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Just pour the sweet stuff around the edges of the bowl and leave it overnight to settle.

Give it a scrub in the morning and flush away the liquid along with the horrible marks.

Lemon juice with white vinegar

Tangy lemon or lime juice is also great for banishing limescale.

Combine the juice of a lemon with white vinegar – about 500ml should do the trick.

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Next up remove as much water as you can from the bowl – a mug and bucket can be good for this, but don't forget your gloves!

Then pour the lemon and vinegar concoction into your loo.

Leave it overnight and and give it a scrub in the morning.

Baking soda and white vinegar

Everyone knows that baking soda is a cleaner's best friend and this staple ingredient is also ideal for shifting toilet bowl stains too.

Banish the tough brown stains by pouring equal amounts of baking soda and white vinegar into the loo and allow it to fizz up.

Leave it there for 30 minutes before pouring some boiling water in the bowl and flushing it all away.

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