A MODEL has revealed she loves her bold monobrow despite trolls online saying she looks like a caveman.

Kenah Jonel, 21, from Texas, US, said she felt more confident than ever letting her eyebrows grow out.

The young woman revealed she had plucked them at the age of ten but stopped when she was 16.

For as long as she can remember she has been showered in compliments over her brows with people describing them as her best feature.

But since starting TikTok Kenah has been the target of trolls, mainly men, who call her a ‘monkey and a ‘caveman, and her monobrow as a ‘caterpillar.’

Despite the hateful comments, Kenah said she’s felt the most confident with her unibrow and that other users have been inspired to ‘be themselves’ and ditch the tweezers.


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The model said: "I absolutely feel my most confident with a unibrow and think that I wouldn't feel comfortable looking at my face if I trimmed or plucked it.

"I also tell myself too, if I wouldn't take their [troll's] advice in real life, why would I let them tell me what to do on the internet?

"If I saw that person in person and they said 'I hate your eyebrows', I'd be like 'ok' and that's it.

"I think that giving people the power to decide how I want to look, dress and present myself in day-to-day life is not going to give me results that make me happy.

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"And so even though people are taking time to be mean to me on the internet, and this sounds mean, but I don't care about their opinion.

"So why would I change my life in order to make them happy?"

Kenah's mum started plucking her monobrow at ten years old, but as Kenah got older, she no longer felt the need to get rid of it just because other people did.

She added: "It wasn't initially supposed to be a statement or I wasn't specifically thinking 'I want a unibrow' it was more that I liked my eyebrows how they were and wanted to leave them that way.

"My entire life I've been told that I have incredible eyebrows, that they're perfect and that everybody loves them.

"I think they've always been my most notable feature – especially when I was 16 as I went platinum blonde and that also made them stand out a lot.

"Naturally, most people just tended to compliment my eyebrows over anything else because they're a really bold feature."

The TikToker has only posted two videos specifically on her unibrow but was receiving comments about it daily, some who praise Kenah for her choice and others leaving hateful comments.

She said: "I've had people specifically send me DMs like 'I love how confident you are and how you showcase your eyebrows, it's really encouraged me to be myself and to have my eyebrows the way that they are'.

"It's not really about the unibrow, it's about encouraging other people to not feel like they have to fit the status quo, whether or not that's their eyebrows.”

But on the flip side, Kenah also receives a lot of negative comments.

She added: “I've also had a lot of people say really horrible things, to the point where I've sometimes wondered how deeply that hatred is rooted in terms of the projection in correlation to my unibrow.

"People call it a 'caterpillar' a lot on the internet.

"I've had men send me DMs that are basically like 'you're a monkey', 'you should kill yourself', 'you look like a neolithic caveman'.

"Somebody sent me a video of someone cutting their wrists one time and told me that I should shave, I thought that one was pretty extreme.

"There are some comments that just make me sad and not because of my eyebrows but it's clearly a reflection of misogyny and that's upsetting to me, other than that, it is what it is.

"Most of the negative comments come from men.

"I do get a fair share of negative comments from women also but anyone who's ever taken their time to DM a really vile horrible message, it's almost always a man or an account that you don't really see somebody behind."

Despite her unibrow being referred to as a 'caterpillar' on the internet, Kenah regularly posts videos showing it off in all its glory, and has amassed over two million likes from doing so.

Kenah said: "I think what's hard about speaking to those people [trolls] directly is that I can recognise that they're projecting because they're unhappy but I don't necessarily think that's something they can recognise – that's why they're trolls on the internet.

"Something that I wish they would do is self-reflect and maybe ask themselves why it makes themselves feel better to be an anonymous person bring other people down on the internet. .

"But there's nothing that I can do or say to make them understand that so I think that for me the only response that I can really have is to continue being myself and that's it.

"At the end of the day you should be somebody that you're proud of, happy with and that you think is beautiful, and not necessarily beautiful in a way that's reflective of societal beauty standards or the way that other people perceive you.

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"But true happiness and self-love comes from being somebody regardless of who everybody expects you to be.

"And I know that's something that's really hard to do but that's the key to really loving yourself outside of what everybody else pushes on you."

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