THIS woman showed off her family’s ‘bespoke’ kitchen in a recent viral video clip and commenters can’t believe the poor craftsmanship, as the fronts of the kitchen cupboards easily peel off. 

Tiktok user @katespoetry shared the clip, stressing that the kitchen revamp was an “absolute waste of money”.

“Mum and dad got a new kitchen a few years ago… they’re fuming”, she said.

Understandably, the Tiktok user’s parents are raging about their kitchen.

Kate explained: “Dad’s having a meltdown in the background.”

In the video, she shows just how easy it is to remove the covering – which is a vinyl wrap – from her kitchen cupboards.

“Nice paint work”, Kate jokes, as she peels the vinyl wrap from her kitchen cupboards with complete ease. 

When a viewer asked for the name of the kitchen manufacturer Kate responded: “We sadly went ‘bespoke’ because we wanted a ‘good quality kitchen’.”

The video has been seen by 330,000 people, and most commenters were horrified.

“That’s the worst”, wrote one commenter, while another said: “How did that happen omg.”

One commenter advised: “Superglue mate.”

Many other people had experienced the same kitchen nightmares.

“That happened to our kitchen. After only twelve months”, complained one viewer, and a second wrote: “Same happened to us. We just stripped them all and painted them. Way better now.”

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