This Morning: Viewer gets eyebrows microbladed

You may be tentative to tint your brows yourself, as it is pretty hard to hide a botched dye job when it’s right there on your face. But at home tinting is surprisingly easy, and if you follow the instructions properly it’s really pretty hard to make a mistake. And while we’re all in lockdown, what better time to practice than when you’re not seeing anyone outside of your household anyway?

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you’re ordering the right shade, as going too dark will look stark and unnatural, and too light won’t really make a difference.

If you’re unsure, a good rule of thumb is to aim for a shade or two darker than your hair colour.

At home brow tinting kits have been made with this novice in mind, and come with clear instructions on how to get the perfect tint.

If you’re looking at experimenting with DIY brow tinting, here are seven of the best kits to get you started.

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Refectocil Hair Dye and 3 Percent Oxidant Crème

Up the more professional end of the scale, this kit will involve some mixing and while it may look a bit more complicated than a traditional tinting set, it’s relatively simple and gives great long-lasting results.

You also get more for your money, as a little bit goes a long way and you get several tints from one set.

Cream hair dye: £7.28. Shop here… 

3 Percent Oxidant Crème: £8.75. Shop here… 

Eylure DYBROW Eyebrow Dye Kit

A kit for brows and lashes, this tint lasts up to six weeks and takes just 15 minutes to apply. One kit comes with 12 applications, which means each tint only costs you 53p.

RRP: £7.50, on sale now for: £6.45 – you save £1.05

Shop on Amazon here…

Mylee Brow & Lash Tint Kit

One of the best selling brow kits out there, this tinting kit has been formulated to deliver professional results that are long-lasting and intense.

RRP: £15

Shop on Mylee here…

Schwarzkopf Brow Tint

Coming with ten applications of brow tint, this kit will leave your brows looking darker and more defined so they make more of a statement.

RRP: £7

Shop on Amazon here…

New Julienne Eyelash Eyebrow Tinting Kit

This kit can be used to define your lashes and brows and is perfect for achieving that semi-permanent makeup look that will save you time in your daily beauty routine.

RRP: £12.39

Shop on Amazon here…

Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow Peel Off Eyebrow Gel Tint

Definitely the easiest brow tint in this list, so if you’re tentative about mixing the dye yourself this is the one for you.

All you need to do is apply the gel to your brows, allow it to dry, and peel it off to reveal defined eyebrows.

The only downside is the results only last for up to 72 hours.

RRP: £6.37

Shop on Amazon here…

Godefroy Medium Brown Instant Eyebrow Tint

The pre-mixed, pre-measured colour capsules in this kit take the guesswork out of mixing the dye and ensure a perfect result every time.

The formula has been mixed with pure white henna for a rich and creamy consistency that is easy and quick to use.

RRP: £8.99

Shop on Amazon here…

Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint Dark Brown

Taking only two minutes to apply and lasts up to 30 days, this brow tint fits in easily to a busy lifestyle and gives you defined yet natural-looking brows.

RRP: £9

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