BRITNEY Spears sent fans wild this weekend with not one but two topless pics on her Instagram. 

The 39-year-old’s raunchy pics have whipped up a frenzy with her followers speculating on what the latest snaps could mean.

Britney is currently in a legal battle with her father Jamie Spears over a conservatorship which has been in place since 2008.

But die-hard fans believe the former pop star has been using her social media to send out signals and hidden messages to her following. 

From a new Only Fans career to a snub to her father, we look at what fans believe Britney is trying to tell us. 

Secret salon protest

In Britney’s hearing earlier this month, she told how her conservatorship banned her from getting her nails done. 

In the public hearing, Britney told the judge:"For a year, I didn't have my nails done — no hairstyling and no massages, no acupuncture.

"Nothing for a year, I saw the maids in my home each week with their nails done a different each time."

And fans are convinced Britney has posted the two topless pics to draw attention to her peeling red nails. 

One posted: “Jamie still not signing off on the purchase order to let poor Britney get her nails did I see .”

Another demanded: “LET HER GO TO THE NAIL SALON we love you queen!”

Britney’s no-bra ban snub

In 2010, it was reported Jamie Spears had banned Britney from going out without a bra on. 

A source told The Sun at the time: “He hates the pictures of her with her nipples all over the place so he has banned her from leaving the house without a bra.

“He wants her to put across the right impression.”

Now fans believe the latest pics are deliberately posted to enrage her father who runs her conservatorship. 

One posted: “Ok so I read something about how JS had banned Britney from wearing braless shirts a while back…I didn’t do any research on it, but if it’s true then that could explain more about these photos. Ok B we see you.”

Another insisted: “One of the things her Father did in early conservatorship days was DEMAND Britney wear a bra because she was so often photographed without one—which is just insane to think about.

"I feel like this is a massive **** you to that.” 

A new career in the making

Britney is refusing to perform until her father is removed from his conservatorship.

And thanks to these pictures, fans are speculating she could be lining up a new money maker… on naughty pic app Only Fans. 

After she first posted naked pic, a fan speculated on a forum: “Guess it’s time for her to start an Only Fans.”

Another pondered: “Is she starting an onlyfans account soon?"

While some followers are shocked at the rude pics, others are quick to remind them that this is the same Britney seen in her reality show with ex Kevin Federline, Chaotic. 

One wrote: “She's just being herself, this is the Britney we saw in Chaotic, she's never been a prim and proper goody-two-shoes, she's always had a wild side.

"That's part of why I love her so much! We just haven't seen that side of her in a long time because she hasn't been allowed to be herself under the conservatorship.”

Is it Britney behind posts?

Some ardent #FreeBritney campaigners aren’t convinced it’s actually Britney posting the pics on her social media. 

One fan thought: “They're trying to make the fans think that she's finally free.”

Another mused: “They made her take these pics long ago and they had the idea to use and post them today just to discredit her and screw her image in order to damage her battle for freedom.”

But others believe it is Britney posting – and they think she is being defiant as her court battles rumble on. 

They wrote: “Assuming she wanted to have this posted herself, the second post could be understood as a middle finger to those who told her to calm down and lay low.”

Don’t let us be the last to know

Fans are convinced Britney’s hot pants in the snaps are a throwback to her 2000 track Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know. 

The singer showed she was fighting fit in 2018 when she wore the distinctive two-tone denim shorts for an Instagram post. 

And now fans believe she has resurrected the short shorts for a second time. 

One wrote: “The shorts look like the iconic dont let me be the last to know shorts.”

Another posted: “Somebody tell me those are NOT the DLMBTLTK music video booty shorts. I could not handle it if it turns out that she can still fit in those!”

When were the pics taken? 

Some fans are scratching their heads about when the pictures were actually taken. 

The picture looks similar to a picture Britney took in a white shirt on Juy 13. 

One follower posted: “Doesn't her hair, fall of her hair, make up and mild shadow markings on her cheekbones look like the same.

They added: “Also looks like her white shirt on floor too.”

But others dismissed the idea – saying a lot of Britney’s pictures look the same. 

One wrote: “It is new pics. she has the same nail polish as she did a few days ago.”

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