SEARCHING for the perfect wedding dress is no easy task and not surprisingly it can take months for a bride to settle on her ideal gown.

But one bride seemed to have a change of heart just three months before her wedding and decided to overhaul her bridal dress and dye it black.

TikTok user @alyssajeannnn decided to go against the grain and totally transform her conventional white lace dress by giving it a DIY makeover.

She shared a step-by-step video of her turning her dress black online and was savaged by others, who joked she'd 'lost her mind'.

In the clip, Alyssa reveals: "I decided to dye my wedding dress black 3 months before my wedding."

She first put together her dye solution, mixing together three gallons of water, a cup of vinegar and a bottle of dye.

Next, she submerged her wedding dress in warm water, before placing it into the dye and leaving it to soak.

People who came across her video, that has since been watched over 9.5million times and liked by 600k viewers, were left horrified – with thousands commenting on her post.

"You woke up and chose risk," wrote one person, while another questioned: "I have no intention of being 'that person', but why would you do this right before your wedding?"

A third teased: "Girl have u lost ur mind bc i can help u find it (sic)."

"Are you bold or rich? Which one is it?" asked one person, as another added: "Girl you're BRAVE."

One person joked: "Are you planning on turning [your wedding] into a funeral instead?"

While one viewer was concerned that she was jinxing her wedding day by choosing black as her bridal colour, as they added: "Isn't wearing black to a wedding a bad omen and wishes bad luck to the couple (besides tuxes tho)."

Once her dress was ready, Alyssa shared before and after photos and while the sleek and stylish finished results divided viewers, it did also surprise some people.

"I liked the white until you put them on… the black looks amazing on you in my opinion," said one person.

"The black dress NEEDS more hype," posted one more.

Another revealed: "I voted white before I saw the black on, love the black."

Others still weren't convinced, with one commenting: "It's pretty but not for a wedding."

Would you be brave enough?

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