EVERYONE loves a romance tale, where man and woman meet and marry and live happily ever after.

But absolutely no one expected one bride's love story to take the turn it did in a recent Reddit post.

The wife-to-be explained that her step-mother had a plan to add a little spice to the wedding proceedings by wearing a dildo under her dress and having the tip peaking out as she gave away her daughter.

The woman said: "So my mom and step mom will be walking me down the aisle since my dad had passed away eight years ago.

"My mom is going to wear a dildo under her dress and have the tip poking out… just the tip. Lol.

"I'm pretty excited about it. It'll help keep some of the attention off of me and it's effing hilarious!"

Fellow Reddit users were surprised by the outcome of the story.

One said: "Wow of all the twists I would never have been able to predict that one!"

While another said: "It started with such a sweet sentiment having the mom & step mom walking her down the aisle after the dad’s passing but the dildo just ruins it all. How strange."

A third, with questions about the logistics of the prank, said: "Under her dress with the tip poking out? So is the entire skirt hitched up?

"Is she wearing a mini dress? Is there a hole in the dress? So many questions I don’t want answered."

While a fourth person simply responded with: "OK that's enough internet for the rest of my life."

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