A BRIDE was left bleeding after a chaotic cake smash went very wrong on her big day.

Footage of the accident was shared on TikTok as the couple took part in the traditional cutting of the cake.

As he removes the first slice of cake from the bottom tier, the groom can’t help but shove the slice into his new wife’s face.

While she tries to retaliate she is unsuccessful as the groom then takes the entire top tier and pushes her face into it before she collapses to the ground.

While the tradition of “cake smashing” is commonplace at receptions – particularly in the US – brides and grooms will normally stick to one slice rather than an entire tier.

As she gets to her feet, the bride is clearly seething, but her day is about to get a little worse as a guest points out that she is now bleeding.

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“You’re bleeding somewhere, it’s all down your dress,” the guest tells her.

“Look what you did honey, I’m bleeding,” the bride tells the groom who sheepishly replies, “I’m in trouble” while guests tend to the wound on her arm.

It is thought that the groom may have still been carrying the cake knife when he smashed the cake into the bride, causing the injury.

The video, which was shared by TikTok user Iris Betsie Martinez, has since been viewed more than three million times with viewers left outraged by the groom’s behaviour.

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Commenting, one wrote: “Why any guy would feel the need to dominate and humiliate his brand new wife in front of friends and family is beyond me.”

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“who the hell would do that to his bride on her wedding day ?!?!? it was her day to look like a princess,” agreed another.

A third added: “That’s not a good start.”

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