THERE is no worse feeling then getting a generic job rejection email after you spent days working on your application. Fact.

But rather than heading straight down to the pub like the rest of us, one determined teen decided to fight her cause after being rejected for a job at Aldi Australia – AND bagged herself an interview out of it.

Jessica Irving, from Sydney, Australia, applied for the position of Retail Assistant at her local supermarket branch last week.

However, the 18-year-old initially didn't make it past the first round and received an automated email from the German superstore telling her they'd like to keep her details on file for "future employment consideration".

Which we all know is a polite corporate way of saying "we're going to bin your application the second we press 'send' on this mail merge".

Understandably disappointed, Jessica then decided to highlight just how well suited she was for the role and ultimately reject their rejection.

In a separate email, the brave teen wrote: "Although my application was rejected, I have been applying for jobs for over a year now with no success.

"My skills are on par with your store, with the ability to be exceptionally fast-paced to scan items like every ALDI Team Member does. I pride myself on my impressive sale skills and can describe myself to be very persuasive and show effectiveness."

To really hammer the point home, Jessica added: "So persuasive in fact, that I would like to confidentially reject your rejection. Thank you for letting me be part of them team, I won't let you down."

"See you on Monday for my 9-5 shift," she signed off.

To her amazement, Jessica's genius approach actually worked and she was swiftly invited for a group interview.

After thanking Jessica for her submitting her application again, the teen received another email asking her to come in to meet the hiring manager.

Sharing the email chain on her Facebook page, Jessica wrote: "Most of y'all know about back to ALDI when they rejected me… well they replied AHAHA.

"I cannot believe this worked. Yes I'm posting this everywhere because I just can't anymore."

Since she posted the hilarious exchange on social media, Jessica's post has racked up more than 12,000 likes and 7,500 shares and other users have heralded her a "genius".

The teen told MamaMia: "I was just upset by the response given as I carefully checked the job description and my cover letter to make sure everything was perfect and I'd be a strong candidate, to get rejected after the dedication I had already given was rough.

"It happens to everyone of course, but I wasn't going to let it happen to me and took matters into my own hands."



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