Beyoncé’s spree of showcasing her outfit excellence on Instagram continues. On Saturday, she attended a celebration of the 18th anniversary and reopening of her husband Jay-Z’s The 40/40 Club in New York City. Eschewing the event photographers, she instead posted another of her self-directed photoshoots showcasing an outfit styled by KJ Moody. As usual, even more photos appeared on his own Instagram, along with an apt description of the look: “Malibu Bey Barbie Dream.” (“My Barbie is literally wearing those same shoes!,” one follower commented.)

The hot pink color scheme came courtesy of the Madrid-based label The 2nd Skin Co., which designed Beyoncé’s organza trench coat, and Versace, which designed her satin platform pumps and suede drawstring bag. Both accessories were accented with rhinestones and a gold Medusa, which were at their most extreme on her $1,100 crystal-covered travel cup that, per Versace, “epitomizes Versace glamour.” (J.Lo has long been spotted toting similar bedazzled to-go containers, though never at this level of luxury.) Donatella Versace took note, commenting “I am in awe” with three fire emojis.

Last but not least, Beyoncé channeled Barbie with a half-up, half-down cascade of curls. Adding her own personal touch, she topped it all off with nighttime sunglasses from Le Specs’s collaboration with Christopher Kane’s More Joy line.)

Beyoncé also wore hot pink on Instagram last week, in the form of a mini skirt and Anima Iris fanny pack-style purse. That same day, she shared another standout: a purple-and-yellow tartan Vivienne Westwood Man suit and knit lilac crop top by Raf Simons. Keep an eye out for when takes pulling out all the stops even further next week, in celebration of her 40th birthday.

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