MAR 21 – APR 20

The bright light that shines from you can inspire everyone around you – and yes, unexpected teams are opening up this week. Just make sure you don’t overstretch your time or skills. 

A new moon of new projects helps you choose where to focus

As Jupiter flips back in your sign, do revisit a cash choice, as
now you can make it even richer. Luck sits two seats away.

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DESTINY DAYS: Tuesday and/or Thursday are fast-track days for travel. Wednesday,  you have hot finding skills – this can include a new
address. Prizes and pets make Saturday a try-anything time.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU… Stop waiting for a green light, and just start sending out work or love queries.  Celebrate what losses can teach you, especially in cash terms.

JUPITER SUMMER REVIEW: So many aspects of your personal profile are up for a reboot as Jupiter powers back in your own birth sign. 

Work or health shortcuts you may have assumed you’d got away with demand your attention again. 

This time, take everything into consideration, not just the easy parts.  Promises starting with your name, and an A- list you long to be part of, are both back on your zodiac calendar. 

Do make use of everything you've learned over the past year – your new wisdom can be priceless.

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