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Stacey Bendet is bringing a dynamic, glam attitude into Alice + Olivia’s fall collection while celebrating New York City through fashions inspired by “Gossip Girl.”

“My daughters got obsessed with ‘Gossip Girl’ during quarantine,” Bendet mentioned over Zoom, “As I was watching, I had this introspective moment. The girls in ‘Gossip Girl,’ each one of them was so different, and really such a representation of New York.”

To tie it all together, the collection was styled in collaboration with “Gossip Girl” actor Eric Daman — who styled the original CW teen drama series and is behind the upcoming HBOMax reboot — and shot inside an Upper East Side townhome. 

Alice + Olivia RTW Fall 2021

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“I want to bring an authenticity to this and I also have so much respect for his work,” Bendet said. “When he styles a TV show, he’s really in that character — who that character is and how those clothes bring her personality to life.”

The look: Uptown classics (classic plaids, tweeds, houndstooth; piles of pearls — a show signature; Empire-waist dresses; cable knits) amplified with attitude through gold chain details, sexy low-rise bootcut pants, layers of vegan leather and lace, metallic pops, chunky footwear, Jennifer Behr headwear on sumptuous updos, and a bold palette of mostly black, red and white. Also, moments of naughty prep.

Quote of note: “While the ‘Gossip Girl’ theme sounds sort-of commercial and fun, it’s also really about who the women of New York are. Who they are yesterday and who they’ll be tomorrow.”

Key looks: Little tweed jackets with gold chain accents; a black cable knit cardigan set with lace collar and bow, paired with silver vegan leather pants; a little black party dress with pearl trim with a sequin and tweed varsity jacket slung over the shoulders; sexy slips, especially in all black lace; Bridgerton-esq, Empire waist brocade and lace gowns.

The takeaway: Bendet brought back glamour for fall, turning a full look from day to night. XOXO, A+O.

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