Currently touring with Drake for the Canadian artist’s It’s All A Blur tour, Field Trip Recordings co-founder Zack Bia has now delivered his debut music project. Titled Learn To Fly, the release serves as Bia’s first foray as an artist and producer. The cover of the album features original artwork by VERDY and introduces a variety of anthropomorphic animal characters in the Japanese artist’s signature style.

Comprised of eight tracks, Learn To Fly sees Zack Bia collaborate with JID, Jersey Club icon UNIIQU3, rising London rapper Sainte, and Bobby Raps. Other features include Lil Yachty and 347aidan on “One of Those Days,” Don Toliver on “Hardcore,” and “High” featuring dj. gummy bear. The project showcases Bia’s uncanny ability to synthesize the various strains of club music from across the globe into a cohesive sonic experience.

“This project is the next step in the direction I’ve been wanting to take my whole life: working with friends and pushing my music into new sonic territory while also highlighting what I know makes my friends so great. This is me stepping away from my behind-the-scenes role and actually putting my own music out into the world. I’m jumping into the unknown and figuring it out along the way, that’s why the project is called Learn To Fly. I hope everyone who listens can find a song or a melody that they like and another that may have surprised them,” said Zack Bia.

Listen to Zack Bia’s Learn To Fly on Spotify and Apple Music below.

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