Microsoft has revealed that the cheaper but less powerful Xbox Series S greatly outsells the Xbox Series X, taking up to 75% of all sales.

Considering it’s significantly cheaper than the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, you would naturally assume that the Xbox Series S would be more popular than its more expensive counterparts.

However, Microsoft has never made any definitive statement about the fact and given the Xbox Series S never suffered from the same stock issues as the other consoles, it did give the impression that maybe it wasn’t doing as well as you’d think.

That doesn’t appear to be the case though, with a newly discovered document from the Xbox mega leak revealing that sales of the Xbox Series S account for 74.8% of all current Xbox sales.

The document is heavily redacted (seemingly because it includes sales figures) so there’s no additional context and it’s not clear what time period is covered or whether this is all territories or perhaps just the US.

The only other unredacted information is an April forecast (year unspecified) which predicts that the Xbox Series S share of the market will slip to 64.9% and the Xbox Series X will rise to 35.1%.

The Xbox Series S costs only £249.99 in the UK, compared to £479.99 for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Although it can play all the same games as the Xbox Series X, the S model is less powerful, although usually all this means is that it can’t output a native 4K resolution.

The only time it’s lack of power has ever caused a problem with the features of a game is the split-screen mode in Baldur’s Gate 3, with everything else working the same – even if some developers have claimed the console is holding the generation back.

If these percentages are still accurate, then there’s clearly no incentive for Microsoft to stop selling the console. In fact, they’ve only just released a more expensive model, with more internal storage, and rumours suggest a mid-generation refresh is planned for next year.

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