Universal Works has teamed up with E-WERK — a new German art institution — to launch a two-piece capsule collection, raising money for the latter’s kickstarter that bids to bring back an award-winning opera to an empty swimming pool in Bauhaus.

Located south of Berlin, the former coal power station was built in 1913, but ceased production in 1989 following the fall of the Berlin wall. In 2017 though, Performance Electrics gGmbH — a non-profit renewable energy provider led by artist Pablo Wendel — bought the location with an aim to produce Kuntststrom, a method of producing electricity through artwork and artistic methods. In 2019, the power of the former factory was switched on and it now feeds renewable power to the national grid, while also functioning as a contemporary arts centre.

In a bid to bring the award-winning opera Sun & Sea to the empty swimming pool, E-WERK has launched a kick-starter that aims to make this happen, as well as creating opportunities for artists and audiences to safely experience a world-class piece of art during the global pandemic.

In support of this cause, Universal Works has launched a collaborative release alongside E-WERK, comprising two monochromatic work jackets, T-shirts and accessories, each of which can only be purchased following a donation to the latter’s kickstarter campaign, which you can do here.

In other news, Angelina Jolie’s Winston Churchill painting fetches $11.6 million USD at auction.
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