The wait for the latest South Parq Vaccination Special is almost over. South Park just released a longer-length trailer to hold fans over until the March 10th Comedy Central premiere of the episode. Based on the glimpses audiences are seeing, it seems that tensions may be on a high in the town of South Park around the high demand for Coronavirus vaccine shots.

The upcoming episode will be the second South Park special hedged on the pandemic. The first special, entitled ‘The Pandemic Special,’ aired six months ago in September of last year. The episode is expected to draw from the current global realities under a socially distanced living, told through the cheeky and irreverent humor that is South Park.

Based on the clip, a lot is to be expected for the episode. Cartman is seen being offered two grand for the vaccine, while Butters appears to join up “Lil QTies” to get out of the house. Mostly everyone is shown dutifully wearing their masks. The latest vaccination special intends to hit close to home, commenting on the very real and present pandemic world.

Check out the clip above. South ParQ Vaccination Special airs on Comedy Central on March 10.

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