As the race to space continues, it was revealed that Jeff Bezos‘ Blue Origin has seen more than a dozen of its key leaders and engineers leave the company almost immediately after Bezos launched himself into space.

Many of the engineers who left were reportedly part of Blue Origin’s astronaut lunar lander program and moved on in the weeks following Bezos’ trip. Shortly after his spaceflight, the company gave all its full-time employees $10,000 USD no strings attached cash bonus. CNBC learned that two of its top engineers left to go to Blue Origin’s competitors, Elon Musk‘s SpaceX and Firefly Aerospace. Sources revealed that many thought the bonus was meant to try to entice the talent to stay in response to a number of employees filing notices to leave the company after the July flight.

Many of the unannounced departures cited frustrations with top management and a heavily bureaucratic structure, though the company emphasized that Blue Origin continues to grow its team. Since Bezos hired Bob Smith as CEO of the company in 2017, Blue Origin has failed to meet several deliverables. It remains to be seen if the upcoming projects will remain on track or be delayed even further.

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