TikTok is attempting to increase transparency around AI-generated content with its latest tool. The social platform has rolled out labels that designate if a creator used AI to either generate or edit their photos and videos.

The effort follows TikTok’s “synthetic media” policy, which was put into effect earlier this year. That ruling dictated that creators must label AI-generated content that contains “realistic” photos, videos or audio, helping to differentiate between fact and fiction, such as in the case of deepfakes.

With its new labels, TikTok is expanding that effort to all content created with AI, though it seems that creators aren’t being mandated to label all posts, just those that could be mistaken for being “real.”

Some users spotted a beta version of the feature earlier this month. According to screenshots shared on social media, TikTok warned users that it “may take down” AI content that isn’t properly labeled.

Moving forward, TikTok is also testing out the use of automatic labels on AI-generated content, which, ironically, will likely utilize AI to locate them. The platform is also updating its roster of visual effects to include the word “AI” in the title in appropriate cases. For instance, the app has a filter called “Bold Glamour” that makes it look as if a user has undergone cosmetic surgery by smoothing skin and sharpening one’s chin, along with superimposing makeup onto the face.

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