If you’ve ever wanted to sow absolute chaos during a Zoom meeting in order to make it end sooner, this new web tool is for you.

Artist and educator Sam Lavigne has created a new app called Zoom Escaper, which does, well, exactly what it says it does. The add-on offers different unpleasant sounds — like an upset baby or a man weeping — and distorted audio effects simulating an echo or a choppy internet connection, to help completely ruin your videoconference.

“It allows you to self-sabotage your audio stream, making your presence unbearable to others,” the tool’s website says.

The app requires you to install free audio software and enable your microphone in order to work. From there, all you need to do is hop on a Zoom call and make it very unpleasant for all other parties involved.

Lavigne provided a tutorial here:

Zoom has become increasingly popular during the coronavirus pandemic, as many businesses have needed to adapt to working remotely. The company said it peaked last April with over 300 million participants daily.

In July, the company further capitalized on its success by launching its own product line named Zoom for Home.
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