Things are looking a little bit different around the palace, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been working hard on retooling their public image in a way that makes them more relatable. It’s something we’ve noticed when it comes to the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe because over the past year, it’s starting to look relaxed. Now, that doesn’t mean she isn’t looking fabulous — she absolutely is — it’s just that we appreciate her evolving style.

Kate was seen on Wednesday visiting Kew Gardens for a Generation Earthshot event in an outfit that had us do a double-take — it was so chic. She wore high-waisted, wide-legged black pants accented with a short-sleeved, kelly green sweater and a sleek, green knee-length jacket. It felt like the right approach for a press event involving schoolchildren — elegant, sophisticated, yet comfortable. And Kate looked like she felt like a million bucks in the outfit as she smiled and interacted with the students.

This fresh approach to royal wardrobe when they are representing the palace is something that takes a turn away from tradition. While “the Queen prefers skirts and dresses to trousers” and “is hardly ever photographed in pants,” per Cosmopolitan, Kate has chosen to put herself in more modern attire to fit the situation. She’s likely to take a cue from the Queen if they are attending an event together by wearing a dress. When she and William are together, it’s about the future of the monarchy and thinking about how they can appear to be more relatable.

Royal author Duncan Larcombe talked about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s strategy explaining to Closer magazine that “they’re letting their actions do the talking,” instead of the media, after a year filled with challenges. He believes their message is simple: “We’re going to keep going, we’re still here, we’re not backing down, we’re carrying on.” And Kate is doing that in subtle ways with her wardrobe to allow more flexibility in how she approaches her role as a senior royal — sometimes we may see her glammed-out on the red carpet, other times she will stick to tradition. But, there’s now an opportunity for showing a more authentic side to the monarchy, by just being Kate.

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